Wednesday, October 3, 2007

What should I call this entry?

As I've mentioned before, I've really gotten inspired to be creative again by a couple of friends & by Keri Smith & all her ideas about "guerilla art." "What the heck is 'guerilla art'?" you ask. Basically, it's leaving your art out in the world somehow & hopefully it reaches someone...touches someone somehow & maybe changes their mind or their mood. Pretty cool, huh? Anyway, I got 3 of her books "The Guerilla Art Kit," "Wreck This Journal," & "Living Out Loud."

I could go on, but the main point of my posting tonight is about the 2 postcards I'm sending out to 2 very artistic people in my world. It's 1 of Keri's projects in "The Guerilla Art Kit" & it's called Guerilla Mail. It's actually supposed to go to someone anonymously, but once they've read it here & then get it in the mail in the next couple of days....well.....they'll know exactly who it's from. SURPRISE! Hopefully they'll be more successful @ sending it on anonymously than I was! The picture above, although not the greatest, is of the 2 postcards going out tomorrow. What happens next...what should happen that they read the little note on the back of the card, alter/add to the front of the card (not worrying about covering up the existing artwork) & then mail the card on to someone else....and so on.....and so on.....and so on.......! I've set up a special e-mail address just for stuff like this that I'll be doing, so I'm hoping that somebody somewhere will snap a picture of how these postcards are evolving, e-mail the pic to me & then I can post it here. Anybody else interested in working on a postcard? I'd love to send a bunch out & see what happens.

As for the smoking.......I'm still taking the Chantix, but I didn't quit entirely yet. Before anybody gets mad at me, please let me explain. I'm not making any excuses, but smoking has been a part of me for about 23 or 24 years now ~ that's more than 1/2 my life ~ & it was proving very difficult to give it up cold turkey, even with the medication. However, I'm liking the whole physical experience of smoking less & less & I've gone, since Monday, October 1st, from smoking almost a pack & a 1/2 to smoking only about 1/2 a pack. For those of you who've never smoked, that's going from about 25~30 cigarettes a day to smoking only about 8 or 10 a day. Even though I'm still smoking, I'm quite proud of my accomplishment so far! I plan on cutting it down more & more until I don't smoke anymore. I know for a fact (from past attempts), that I would've never gotten this far without the Chantix.

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