Friday, October 26, 2007

Guerilla Art Update!

Let's see if good ol' Aunt Nub can "git-r-done" ~ tried before but am having a problem.

If you'll remeber back a few entries, I've gotten into the whole guerilla art thing & sent out 3 postcards to some artsy friends of mine asking them to alter the postcard some way (whatever kind of artwork they wanted) & then to send it on anonymously to someone else to the same & so on & so on...... Hopefully I would get pictures of the postcards every once in a while to see what was happening to them.

Voila! Here is the first picture! I'm sooooooooo excited! I can't wait to see more!!!!!! Thank you to my dear friend Phinney, for being a part of this!


Auntie Karen said...

Nice kitty, very seasonal. I await the evolution.

Phinney said...

wow, the scanned pic looks GREAT in your blog!! woo-hoo!!

it's off to you-know-where today, where i imagine some sparkle will be added.....~!