Sunday, October 28, 2007

"Weekend Assignment"

John Scalzi, the fearless leader over in AOL J~Land, asked everyone to amuse him this weekend. Seeing that my time has been so limited lately, I haven't been able to search the internet for the truly most amusing picture, video, joke, riddle,, I've come up with this...especially since John tends to travel a lot for various conventions & book tours. I'm not sure where the picture was taken, but the writing at the top of the banner looks like Japanese. I also get a giggle out of a lot of the stuff on the site that I found it on, which is called can I say.....I've got a weird sense of humor ~ take it or leave it.
A punny extra credit? When I saw my first strands of grey hair, I thought I'd dye.

Hope I was able to amuse you John (& the rest of my limited readers), even for just a moment!


Phinney said...

i does look japanese.

i'm not sure how i'd feel
walking toward my plane...

and looking at that banner!



Phinney said...

holy smokes, i meant

'it' looks japanese

not i

for pete's sake!