Sunday, October 28, 2007

YAY! More Guerilla Art!

Aloha! When it rains, it pours....& I'm not just talking about the lousy weather we've had here in the NYC metro area for the past few days (although today is beautiful, albeit chilly). I'm talking about the Guerilla Art postcards I sent out. To see some pictures of how they originally started, check out earlier posts of mine.

Here's picture #1 from postcard #2, sent to me by another dear friend, Karen. Both cards have now been sent along to other people to alter. Hooray! I'm getting more & more excited by this whole project! Still waiting to see what happened to postcard #3.

Big thanks to Karen for being a part of this! Is anyone else out there interested in getting involved in this little project? I know there's gotta be some artistic people out there just yearning to do something like this, even if they don't quite know it yet! Come on....ya' know ya' wanna!


Auntie Karen said...

I'm not telling who I sent it to. That way you get a surprise. And if you don't get one, I get to go yell at someone!

Phinney said...

hi hi hi
here i am

feeling silly tonight
tomorrow's halloweenie
we are decorating outside &
carving a pumpkin - spider in
a big web = cool looking!

i like that chair postcard! neat-o!