Sunday, October 21, 2007


Howdy again, gang! I'm grabbing the opportunity in which Blogger has the picture posting problem fixed & the 3 free moments I have before needing to stop by the store today & then do some much needed grocery shopping to post this picture.

This is from my trip into the city (which happens to be in my backyard, in case you have no idea where Tarrytown is) yesterday to meet up with Grove (still getting used to not calling him Albert, but I will honor his request). These lamp posts were scattered all over the part of the East Village that we were in & were just the coolest looking things (in my humble opinion)! They're covered in all sorts of stuff from broken plates & saucers to broken tiles. Very collage~y & mosaic~y. Reminds me of the guerilla art stuff that I'm so into right now, but somehow I think it was planned...maybe. Anyway, I thought it was very cool & wanted to share. Grove took this of me next to 1 of them (yes, I'm that short ~ only 5'0"). My only wish is that I had gotten an even more extreme closeup, but alas, I didn't. Maybe another time.


AlbGlinka said...

That's a great photo of you! I'll bet that whomever took it studied photography in Art School.


I'll post my pics starting Wednesday when I am home and can download them.

I need to download MYSELF onto my own bed in SF soon; I'm pooped.

Phinney said...

Hi! ::waving to you::

How wonderful that you have a photo of yourself taken by the famous albglinka!

:) lovin' the lamppost