Sunday, January 18, 2009

I finally caved...

I did it. I finally caved to the craze. I'm over at Facebook. A lot. Yes, I'm actually admitting to it. I went there when it started (sort-of), but never did a damn thing with it. Now I'm.....say it.........say it.........addicted! I do tend to have an addictive personality, so it was only a matter of time I guess.

Sooooooooo......if you want to check out my Facebook stuff, I'm listed as "Liz Hemming Walker." I know a few of you chicas that read this blog are over there, too, & I've already friended you. Anybody else that I might've missed???

Hope all is well with all of you. Must go get off big lazy butt & fold some laundry & get cracking with some art journal crafty-ness!


Saturday, January 10, 2009

Peculiar People Day

I just couldn't resist posting this from, just fits me! As for the graphic to the right, it's from my Page~A~Day Bitch calendar. Note me still with a cigarette. Promise to give it up soon!

Peculiar People Day is in honor of uniquely different people. Un-ordinary, extraordinary, unusual, strange, odd, uncommon, intriguing, different, abnormal, and quirky.... These are all things that we think of to describe the word "peculiar". Most of these characteristics can be viewed as good, or not so good. Today is a day to look for the good in your peculiar acquaintances.

If you are peculiar, this is your day to be honored and appreciated. Chances are, you will find something peculiar about yourself, if you look hard enough. If you can't find anything peculiar about yourself, then give some recognition and appreciation to your quirky friends and family.

Origin of Peculiar People Day:
Our research did not discover the origin or the creator of Peculiar People Day. We uncovered some reference defining this day. But, we did not find the originator or the date that it was first celebrated.

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Where the hell......

I know you've been wondering where the hell I've been...I just know it. Don't ask me how...I just know these things. Well...I've been.....around. What I don't know is where I've been, what I've been doing & why I didn't get off my lazy ass & post something here. Call me what you will, but ya' know ya' missed me! I'll be posting more regularly here & at my artsy journal because I'm feelin' artsy & also anxious to post here. Can ya' handle it?

The holidays were pretty busy at the store, although not as busy as last year. Yeah...I know....the economy sucks canal water. We did inventory over the New Year's weekend & I must pat Skip & myself on the back for doing it much more quickly & efficiently than my Dad & his bitchy partner ever did in the 11 years prior. Our Christmas festivities were quiet...we went to my M.I.L.'s house on Christmas Eve & exchanged presents with her, my S.I.L. & B.I.L., & my 22 year old niece & 18 year old nephew. As for Christmas Day...Skip & I exchanged presents in the morning, relaxed, & went for Chinese food for dinner. My big present this year nearly blew me to the floor.....a GPS for my car that I've named Priscilla!!!! All I can say is OMFG! Never can I get lost again! It also means that if I have your address, I may just end up at your front door 1 day! :::grin::: My mom & her hubby came over the following Sunday to exchange presents & go out to dinner. New Year's Eve was also quiet...just me & Skip & the fuzzy ones & Dick Clark (who should retire ~ I feel so bad for him).

I've been in a lot of swaps at swap~bot (everything from ATCs to postcards) which I MUST catch up on (lazy, lazy, lazy). I've joined an online class with Kelly Kilmer (love her!). I've hostessed yet another book club meeting ~ we're reading Look Me in the Eye by John Elder Robison this month ~ & had quite an interesting conversation about what 3 famous people would be on your list of "fantasy must haves." Mine are: 1) Jason Hawes (from "Ghost Hunters"); 2) Mike Piazza (former catcher for the NY Mets); 3) Vincent D'Onofrio (Law & Order: Criminal Intent). There are some runners up such as Hugh Jackman (among others), but none top those 3. All I can say is you ladies have some interesting choices! For the 3 ladies who weren't there that night, be prepared to answer the same question at the end of the month. For the rest of you out there.....who are your 3 choices???? Of course, I had to put my boyfriend's delish picture up here for all to see, especially you, Anabel, who couldn't think of what he looked like. Drooooooool! Oops...sorry! Finally able to post the above picture ~ YAY!
That's all for now....gotta go catch up on other online & offline things! If it gets too long before my next post, come kick my butt a little, would ya'?

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Today is "National Maple Syrup Day"

From Holiday Insights:

National Maple Syrup Day provides us with the opportunity to enjoy and appreciate this delicious American treat. This sweet and unique flavor originated in America. Native American Indians were the first to harvest and boil the sap of the maple tree into a thick syrup.

Watching or participating in a maple sap harvest, or demonstration, is a fun late winter event. They are held in February-March, when the sap is flowing. It is educational for the kids, too. During field demonstrations, some of the sap is boiled down into syrup. Best of all, free samples are often giving, poured over a pancake or vanilla ice cream.

Did you know? Sap of the maple tree, the same sap used to make maple syrup, makes a refreshing drink. Just put it in the refrigerator and pour a drink whenever you want. Or, have a drink as you harvest the sap from the tree!

How do you participate in National Maple Syrup Day? Pour real maple syrup onto your pancakes or waffles. Or, for an evening treat, pour warm maple syrup onto vanilla ice cream.

Please note, make sure you are using maple syrup, not pancake syrup. Unless the ingredients state otherwise, pancake syrup no longer contains maple syrup.(a surprise to many)

Thursday, November 27, 2008

A~friggin'~men! I so agree!

Thank you so much to Becky & Connie for posting this originally in their blogs.

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Time Flies Whether You're Having Fun or Not

I can't believe that it's just shy of a month since I last posted ~ OY! Remember how slowly time went when we were kids? Why can't it be like that into adulthood???

Where to start? On October 25th, Wilton (the town in CT where our store is) held its' annual Halloween parade & the kiddies then go around to the local stores in their costumes trick~or~treating. After the 2 hours alloted for this, Skip went across the parking lot to another store whose owner we are friendly with & my Dad went to the back of the store & into the teeny office. He wasn't having any perceptable (sp?) problems before this, but he called me back there saying he needed me. He was pale & having pain across his shoulders & into his arms & was kind of slouched back in a folding chair. I insisted that we needed to call 911, but he kept saying no & to take care of the customers coming in. I finally got a friend who came into the store to go get Skip. He took my Dad's blood pressure, looked him over (as I had) ~ we're both EMT's ~ & was able to convince him to have the paramedics at least come look at him. My Dad ended up going to the hospital & it turned out that he had had a mild heart attack. 2 cardiac catheterizations & 2 or 3 stents later, he is home & doing well. He's actually taking it easy & listening to the doctors (as far as I can tell) & after 62 years of smoking, he's quit. Whew ~ what a scare!

In the meantime, his friend & business partner, Clarice (who broke her femur on November 11, 2007 & has only been in the store a handful of times to say hello or get cat food because she's having her own physical problems since then), has come in like friggin' Mussolini...yelling, screaming, telling us how so many of the things in the store are wrong or look terrible, how we're stealing time from the store (I've had long standing appointments that I make a point of scheduling on Wednesdays only unless otherwise impossible) & that we're liars. My father knew of the schedules that Skip & worked out, he saw everyday, even if only for an hour or less, how we had the store running & never complained. He would make a few odd suggestions, but nothing like what this woman is doing. Some of the things she's upset about have been in the same spot since before she had her accident! She's also started "docking" our pay to reflect time we've "stolen" instead of giving us the weekly equity checks that we had an agreement with my father about. We told her that was unfair & unacceptable (because of the agreement with my father & that he knew how we ran things) & that we couldn't survive on what she wanted to give us. She didn't give a flying rats' ass. She didn't believe that I had various doctors appointments (including re~starting group therapy & seeing my therapist & psychiatrist weekly which is none of her beeswax) & called me a liar several times to my face. I said we could go back to high school & I could bring in doctors notes if she wanted. She had nothing to say. She called both of us liars regarding what time Skip came in to work this past Monday (he has a standing therapy appointment on Mondays at 10:00). We told her that Skip was in at Noon ~ 1 hour for therapist, a quick stop at the hardware store & the 45 minute drive up ~ which was the truth, because I looked at my watch. She said it was all a lie & that he couldn't have gotten to work until at least 2:00 because the hardware store receipt said 12:48. She actually called the hardware store yesterday to find out if their cash register time was correct & they looked at it & said "no, it's actually about an hour and a half off." We had nothing to do with her calling them, nor did we have them cover for us. She was forced to realize her mistake & apologize. It has been a never ending sense of dread & fear for me about what she's going to do & how she's going to act. I'm hoping it's true when she says she'll be totally removed from the store in 2 weeks. Skip has been wonderful in helping me remain fairly calm & in sticking up for me. He's my angel! In the middle of all of this, I celebrated my 42nd birthday.

On to lighter news...I set up something in honor of my grandmother who will have been gone 3 years this coming January 14th. She had a glass vase of some sort in the right hand corner of her kitchen window in her apartment with a string of Christmas lights that she kept on continuously year round...she never turned them off. I decided I wanted to do the same, so as of November 9th, I set up my own glass vase with some really pretty LED Christmas lights. I haven't turned them off yet. I won't turn them off either...they only way they're going off is if they burn out or she somehow turns them off. They're so pretty & cheery & make me feel connected to her & they can be seen in the picture at the top of this entry. The reflection on the wall almost looks like the Northern Lights.

Anywho, I'm still here, still breathing, & apologize for being so long in posting anything. Can y'all forgive me? Now it's off for me to make a handmade postcard to send out to Phinney for a swap we're both in & maybe do a little ghosthunting with Skip tonight & see if we can get any EVPs at the condo complex clubhouse.

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Holy the heck did my boyfriend, Jason Hawes of Ghost Hunters, get in here? Is my blog haunted? Paranormal stuff going on in here? Don't tell Skip that he's here 'cause.....OMG.....I'd be in trouble! LOL

Anywho........I'm still here & getting a little better...just taking it day by day. I'm getting back into group therapy & having weekly visits with the therapist & shrink, hopefully by next week. Meds are in the process of being adjusted. All steps in the right direction! But friggin' winter is coming & I hate the damn winter. :::sigh:::
On an aside note ~ I've got an art blog if you want to check it out. I just need to remember to post artsy stuff I send & receive there more regularly. Just click here to check it out.

Now if this sore throat & head stuffiness would just go away.......