Monday, October 29, 2007

"Curious as a Cat"

I was looking for something to talk about today, besides the fact that I didn't go to work this morning due to a horrible headache. I know, I know ~ "There's no crying (or headaches) in baseball (or retail)!" But I just couldn't focus, couldn't stand noise/lights ~ basic beginnings of a migraine ~ plus I've got my book club gang coming over tonight at 7:30. Excuses, excuses, right? This retail thing is a whole 'nother animal to me ~ I'm used to office work. Anyway, I digress. I came across a meme called "Curious as a Cat" & the picture caught my, here are my answers to their questions. Now it's your turn to answer them ~ just link back to me if you don't mind. As always, I appreciate your comments on anything I've said here ~ in fact...I relish them!

1) What one topic is the most painful to discuss with your parents? Why? My mom & I can discuss just about anything, except for Why? Why do you think? My dad & I, unfortunately, don't discuss much at all. It's not that I don't love him or don't get along with him...we just don't communicate all that well...most of it is trivial small talk that I know I'll regret one day. I guess that money and mental health would be the 2 hardest things to talk to him about because I feel like he gets judgemental about those 2 subjects.
2) What was the happiest day of your life? Do you think you'll ever top it? My wedding day, 16 years ago, had to be the happiest day of my life because I never thought anyone would ever love me enough to marry me & I was actually marrying my best friend. I doubt I'll ever be able to top it.

3) What animal would you like to be able to communicate with? My dog, Lucy, or my cat, Stella ~ I'd love to know what they're thinking & what they do all day when I'm not around.

4) In what way do you come nearest to perfection (as you define it)? Perfection isn't an easy thing to define & I'm not sure if I'd really want to be perfect. When I looked up "perfection" on to see what they'd say, it read "1. the state or quality of being or becoming perfect. 2. the highest degree of proficiency, skill, or excellence, as in some art. 3. a perfect embodiment or example of something. 4. a quality, trait, or feature of the highest degree of excellence. 5. the highest or most nearly perfect degree of a quality or trait. 6. the act or fact of perfecting." The fact is, I find myself awfully far from the state of perfection, in anyone's definition. BUT, if I had to choose 1 thing that I am nearly perfect's being loyal...& that's a pretty darn good thing to be nearly perfect at.

5) Show and Tell. What comes to mind first when you see this picture? Or, tell a story if it reminds you of one. (See picture above) Halloween, of course ~ & it's my favorite holiday along with Christmas. Can't wait ~ scary, spooky, fun-filled Halloween is almost here!

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Sunday, October 28, 2007

"Weekend Assignment"

John Scalzi, the fearless leader over in AOL J~Land, asked everyone to amuse him this weekend. Seeing that my time has been so limited lately, I haven't been able to search the internet for the truly most amusing picture, video, joke, riddle,, I've come up with this...especially since John tends to travel a lot for various conventions & book tours. I'm not sure where the picture was taken, but the writing at the top of the banner looks like Japanese. I also get a giggle out of a lot of the stuff on the site that I found it on, which is called can I say.....I've got a weird sense of humor ~ take it or leave it.
A punny extra credit? When I saw my first strands of grey hair, I thought I'd dye.

Hope I was able to amuse you John (& the rest of my limited readers), even for just a moment!

YAY! More Guerilla Art!

Aloha! When it rains, it pours....& I'm not just talking about the lousy weather we've had here in the NYC metro area for the past few days (although today is beautiful, albeit chilly). I'm talking about the Guerilla Art postcards I sent out. To see some pictures of how they originally started, check out earlier posts of mine.

Here's picture #1 from postcard #2, sent to me by another dear friend, Karen. Both cards have now been sent along to other people to alter. Hooray! I'm getting more & more excited by this whole project! Still waiting to see what happened to postcard #3.

Big thanks to Karen for being a part of this! Is anyone else out there interested in getting involved in this little project? I know there's gotta be some artistic people out there just yearning to do something like this, even if they don't quite know it yet! Come on....ya' know ya' wanna!

Friday, October 26, 2007

Guerilla Art Update!

Let's see if good ol' Aunt Nub can "git-r-done" ~ tried before but am having a problem.

If you'll remeber back a few entries, I've gotten into the whole guerilla art thing & sent out 3 postcards to some artsy friends of mine asking them to alter the postcard some way (whatever kind of artwork they wanted) & then to send it on anonymously to someone else to the same & so on & so on...... Hopefully I would get pictures of the postcards every once in a while to see what was happening to them.

Voila! Here is the first picture! I'm sooooooooo excited! I can't wait to see more!!!!!! Thank you to my dear friend Phinney, for being a part of this!

Sunday, October 21, 2007


Howdy again, gang! I'm grabbing the opportunity in which Blogger has the picture posting problem fixed & the 3 free moments I have before needing to stop by the store today & then do some much needed grocery shopping to post this picture.

This is from my trip into the city (which happens to be in my backyard, in case you have no idea where Tarrytown is) yesterday to meet up with Grove (still getting used to not calling him Albert, but I will honor his request). These lamp posts were scattered all over the part of the East Village that we were in & were just the coolest looking things (in my humble opinion)! They're covered in all sorts of stuff from broken plates & saucers to broken tiles. Very collage~y & mosaic~y. Reminds me of the guerilla art stuff that I'm so into right now, but somehow I think it was planned...maybe. Anyway, I thought it was very cool & wanted to share. Grove took this of me next to 1 of them (yes, I'm that short ~ only 5'0"). My only wish is that I had gotten an even more extreme closeup, but alas, I didn't. Maybe another time.

Saturday, October 20, 2007


After many years of reading his online journal, sending various things via snail~mail & just generally feeling like I somehow knew this guy in another life......I got to meet the one & only Albert (or Grove as he prefers) in person! Those of you who have lingered around AOL J~Land long enough probably know him already. If you're not from J~Land or just plain & simple haven't come across his journal, it's worth a moment of your time to check it out!

Grove/Albert (bear with me Grove, I've got to get used to calling you that! LOL) lives in San Francisco, so when the opportunity presented itself ~ he'd be visiting NYC for a few days ~ I had to grab it. It wasn't easy to take off a tremendously busy day at the store, but when opportunity knocks...well, you know what ya' gotta do! So...we met at Grand Central this morning around 11:30 & spent a couple of hours together, wandering around the East Village, eating pizza, Grove showing me Cooper Union (where he had gone to college), me trying not to babble on incessantly in my usual NY~Mile~A~Minute way. Yes...I've actually had to learn in some of my therapy sessions to slow down & listen to what other people have to say! I took the above picture when we were finishing up lunch at a little (but busy) pizzaria in the East Village on East 14th Street ~ not only is Grove in the picture, but so is some stranger in the background about to take a big bite of pizza & some scaffolding outside the windows ~ as Grove noticed, all very urban!

After lunch, we wandered into a place called "Trash & Vaudville" ~ which was a typical East Village funky kind of clothing store ~ think punk rock meets heavy metal. I used to go down to these neighborhoods (East Village, SoHo, NoHo, Canal Street) when I was in High School, but I graduated in 1984, so it's been a few years & a few grey hairs since. I had a few favorite places, such as "Screaming Mimi's," but I don't remember what street it was on or even if they're still open. Saw a few cool things, but didn't buy them. Too much stuff had skulls on it & I'm just not into that sort of thing at this age ~ maybe when I was in High School, but not now. I did end up buying 2 pairs of funky fingerless gloves, 1 for me & 1 for Skip. Let me tell you though, Grove & I were the 2 squarest people in the place. The 18-year-old girl at the register had the same kind of haircut I had in 1983-84, shaved on the sides long-ish on the top, darker on the short part, blonde on the long-ish part. Numerous tattoos on her (the sheer # put my 5 to shame), piercings, etc. The guy in the store (I'm guessing maybe the owner?) was possibly in his late 30s, early 40s...but time, booze, drugs, whatever his story, was not kind to him. A little too much of the sex, drugs & rock & roll. A blonde, younger Keith Richards from the Rolling Stones.

I left Grove (after he had to help me with the subways ~ I only seem to either walk it or cab it in the City) back at Grand Central, window shopped there for a little while & got back on the train north. I thoroughly enjoyed my time & will be posting another picture tomorrow from our travels. Grove is a thoroughly genuine guy & a warm, caring, sensitive soul! I'm glad to have met him!

Thursday, October 18, 2007

Grey skies are gonna clear up...

The weather here in the NY metro area certainly does NOT feel like mid-October. In it was so humid, it felt more like August. For the most part, it's been very warm & un~fall like around here. I do like crisp Autumn days & nights, but absolutely hate the bitter winter cold & all the bundling up it takes just to step out the front door. I also hate the dreary grey, overcast days & shudder at the thought of depresses the heck out of me (there is such a thing called S.A.D. or seasonal affective disorder). Forget it if it's going to snow...I get all panicked. Skip & I talk about getting an RV when we retire & travelling around, following the nice weather & seeing the country.

Took this picture yesterday on my camera phone & was just so thrilled with it when I saw it here on my computer that I had to share it. I'm standing outside our new store on a break around 5:00~ish & thought the clouds looked pretty cool.

Please bear with me in regards to posting here, reading & commenting on other blogs/journals, catching up with e-mails...whatever on~line stuff I used to do on a very regular basis. Skip & I don't get home until about 8:00 or 8:30 every night because we don't close until 7:00 & have a few things to do before leaving & then have a 45 minute drive home. I then trudge through the front door, walk the dog (if she hasn't gone to the store with us), eat, walk the dog again, & collapse in bed by 10:30. This is the first time since Sunday (I think) that I've gone on~line at home. While at work it's pretty quick to look something up or glance at my e-mails while I eat 1/2 a sandwich. I shouldn't even be doing that much!

S'all for now.....gotta get some sleep. Morning comes fast....

Sunday, October 14, 2007

These boots were made for...being tired!

A very quick post today, as I've got to run out in a minute to meet my mom & aunt for dinner & hubby will be honking the car horn soon. Wanted to check in though & let you all know that I'm still alive, although exhauseted! Yes...those feet you see above are screaming at me to get off them & relax. I took the picture on my camera phone yesterday outside the store & although I love my new sneakers, no matter what I wear on my tootsies, I think I'd still want to pass out after being on them almost non~stop for 9 hours. Thankfully we'll be going to winter hours (10:00~6:00) the first Monday in November (which happens to be my b~day) & then we're just going to leave it at those hours for good. I actually fell asleep on the couch today for 2+ hours & really feel like I could sleep some more, but I don't want to be wide awake at 3:00 in the morning, twiddling my thumbs.

Some good news...I'll have a little break from it all on Saturday. I'll be having my first face~to~face meeting with Albert my wonderful friend from San Francisco who I met through AOL Journals. I can't wait! Plans are still in the making, but it looks like we'll be meeting somewhere in NYC around midday. I'll be sure to take some pictures & fill you all in ~ well, at least those of you who know him will want to check it out.

Gotta run....or crawl.................

Thursday, October 11, 2007

Yet some more guerilla-type art...

I've got some more "guerilla~type" art going out, but in a journal format & it's going to be sort~of~round~robin, where the book will travel around to different people around the country & then wind up back in my hands (hopefully!). The picture isn't that great, but I wanted to get this posted & I don't have the patience today to futz around with getting the best/most flattering shot. The papers are all from the Temple of Craft that good friend Karen has started. She had brought some really gorgeous Asian papers with her that night & I would've nabbed them if I could...but I'm not that kind of person. I did, however get a few strips of it, which I instantly pasted on the front of this book. I so covet those darn papers ~ they were so perfect ~ the colors & patterns! Sigh.....

Inside the book is the following: "If you only had one last chance to say something to the world, what would it be? Please take a moment to answer the above question & to decorate your page in whatever way you wish ~ it's totally up to you. One page per person & one person per page please....." I got this general idea from the "Guerilla Art Kit" that I've mentioned in previous posts & then ran with it...put my own twist on it.

It'll be on it's way to northern Connecticut (bet she can't guess who it is ~ surprise!) via DHL tomorrow & then on to San Francisco (again, no big surprise after he reads this) after that. It'll go to many points, near & far, across the USA. I can't wait to see how it turns out!!!! Now I've got to put on my big girl panties, take the chance, & set it free ~ I'm so worried & nervous about never seeing it again ~ just have to keep my fingers crossed!

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Hump Day

Howdy! It's Wednesday 10/10 & I have nothing terribly exciting to report. The weather here in the NYC metro area yesterday & today really stinks, in my humble opinion. Yes, we desperately need the rain here, as it hasn't rained in I don't know how long.....but the grey, cloudy weather just generally gets me bummed. Thank the lord I've got 1 of those fancy-shmancy light boxes that simulate sunshine (without the harmful UVA/UVB rays) to help me on days like this. How's the weather where you are?

Anywho...since I didn't have anything in particular to talk about & none of my pictures spoke to me, wanting to be posted, I decided to take part in 1 of the many blog memes out there. This 1 is from Blogdrive Insanity. What would your answers be?

1. Name three people you'd like to see in a tuxedo.

My hubby (Skip) of course, Vincent D'Onofrio, Mike Piazza.

2. Black tux or white tux - which do you prefer?

Black tux all the way, baby.

3. According to ZZ Top, every girl's crazy 'bout a sharp dressed man. If you're a woman, which sharp dressed man are you crazy about? If you're a man, which sharp dressed lady are you crazy about?

Well, since I'm a woman, I guess I'll answer the first question...both Vincent D'Onofrio & George Clooney are sharped dressed & oh so least to me.

You're turn....................
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Sunday, October 7, 2007

Stupid people...

I know I've talked about this before on my AOL journal, but I feel the need to talk about it again here, only because someone asked me about it today. I must get this off my chest again or I may just scream.

Why do people feel the need to ask me about having kids? Why do they feel the need to remind me of the "biological clock?" Why can't they just mind there own damn business?

For those idiots out there who insist on asking, my husband & I are not able to have kids. Yes, we are perfectly happy without having any, whether they were our own or via a surrogate or adoption. We like our lives the way they are & enjoy the freedom our childless lives provide us. I am a month shy of 41 & have no intention of having kids now. If you had asked me 15 or 20 years ago about having kids, I would've gladly had one (or more), but the powers that be had other plans. If you had asked me then about going through all those expensive & sometimes painful fertility treatments without having to worry about the cost, etc, I probably would've accepted. But that was then & this is now.

Yes, I worry about who is going to take care of me when I'm too old and/or sick to take care of myself...who's going to take care of my earthly remains when it's my time to go...but I'm not, I repeat NOT going to bring a child into this world for that sole purpose. No, I'm not being selfish for whatever reasons you think I am. Wouldn't it be selfish to bring a child into the world only for him/her to play nurse & undertaker at some point? When I asked someone close to me about the meaning of life, she replied, "to have children." I personally don't find that statement very fair. Does that mean then, that my life has no meaning because I am unable to have kids & don't want them anymore? Does it make me less of a woman?

Please don't get me wrong here, gang. I applaud all of you parents out there, whether biological or adoptive! It's just not for me & after all the tests were done, it just was never meant to be.

Sorry about the rant & thanks for listening y'all.....................
PS Check out my sidebar every once in a while.....I'll be posting polls there! I already did one about pets, but I'm going to repost it since only 1 person answered it (thank you whoever you were!).

Friday, October 5, 2007

Blah Blah Blah....

I'm frustrated, exhausted, needy, PMS~ing...just all around plain cranky. It was 1 of those days at my job as a security guard that just didn't want to end & I was about to smack someone on the drive home. Tomorrow I've got to wear my other hat, my retail hat from 10:00~7:00 (Skip & I are taking over my Dad's pet supply store in Wilton, CT) & deal with a whole nother breed of questions/wants/needs.

I simply need some down time, but it always seems to get cut short at the very last minute. I use the time that Skip works late (also as a security guard @ the same place I work) on Wednesdays, Thursdays & Fridays to catch up on the bazillion things I've Tivo'd & the bazillion crafty things I should be working on. Don't get me wrong....I love Skip very much & love having him around, but those evenings are Aunt Nub Time & they are quickly coming to an end. I'm such a sucker for the cheesy sitcoms from the 80s & 90s & have been Tivo-ing Designing Women & Who's The Boss? (so sue me if ya don't like it), but I get easily embarrassed (sp?) & won't watch them in front of Skip (although he's never teased me about it). I'm sooooooo far behind in watching them it's pathetic. I'm such a goon.

Big sigh............................

Thursday, October 4, 2007

I'm on a roll.....

Just a quick post at the moment..........want to try to get this out in the mail today & need to beat the mailman to my mailbox. Here's yet another postcard I'm sending out to an artistic friend across the country in my Guerilla Mail quest. It's going anonymously, but, like the others, it's not going to be anonymous much longer! See below for more info about what I'm doing. Once again...if anyone wants to get in on this & have me send them a postcard to start altering/adding to...just let me know...I'll be happy to do it!

Wednesday, October 3, 2007

What should I call this entry?

As I've mentioned before, I've really gotten inspired to be creative again by a couple of friends & by Keri Smith & all her ideas about "guerilla art." "What the heck is 'guerilla art'?" you ask. Basically, it's leaving your art out in the world somehow & hopefully it reaches someone...touches someone somehow & maybe changes their mind or their mood. Pretty cool, huh? Anyway, I got 3 of her books "The Guerilla Art Kit," "Wreck This Journal," & "Living Out Loud."

I could go on, but the main point of my posting tonight is about the 2 postcards I'm sending out to 2 very artistic people in my world. It's 1 of Keri's projects in "The Guerilla Art Kit" & it's called Guerilla Mail. It's actually supposed to go to someone anonymously, but once they've read it here & then get it in the mail in the next couple of days....well.....they'll know exactly who it's from. SURPRISE! Hopefully they'll be more successful @ sending it on anonymously than I was! The picture above, although not the greatest, is of the 2 postcards going out tomorrow. What happens next...what should happen that they read the little note on the back of the card, alter/add to the front of the card (not worrying about covering up the existing artwork) & then mail the card on to someone else....and so on.....and so on.....and so on.......! I've set up a special e-mail address just for stuff like this that I'll be doing, so I'm hoping that somebody somewhere will snap a picture of how these postcards are evolving, e-mail the pic to me & then I can post it here. Anybody else interested in working on a postcard? I'd love to send a bunch out & see what happens.

As for the smoking.......I'm still taking the Chantix, but I didn't quit entirely yet. Before anybody gets mad at me, please let me explain. I'm not making any excuses, but smoking has been a part of me for about 23 or 24 years now ~ that's more than 1/2 my life ~ & it was proving very difficult to give it up cold turkey, even with the medication. However, I'm liking the whole physical experience of smoking less & less & I've gone, since Monday, October 1st, from smoking almost a pack & a 1/2 to smoking only about 1/2 a pack. For those of you who've never smoked, that's going from about 25~30 cigarettes a day to smoking only about 8 or 10 a day. Even though I'm still smoking, I'm quite proud of my accomplishment so far! I plan on cutting it down more & more until I don't smoke anymore. I know for a fact (from past attempts), that I would've never gotten this far without the Chantix.