Monday, October 29, 2007

"Curious as a Cat"

I was looking for something to talk about today, besides the fact that I didn't go to work this morning due to a horrible headache. I know, I know ~ "There's no crying (or headaches) in baseball (or retail)!" But I just couldn't focus, couldn't stand noise/lights ~ basic beginnings of a migraine ~ plus I've got my book club gang coming over tonight at 7:30. Excuses, excuses, right? This retail thing is a whole 'nother animal to me ~ I'm used to office work. Anyway, I digress. I came across a meme called "Curious as a Cat" & the picture caught my, here are my answers to their questions. Now it's your turn to answer them ~ just link back to me if you don't mind. As always, I appreciate your comments on anything I've said here ~ in fact...I relish them!

1) What one topic is the most painful to discuss with your parents? Why? My mom & I can discuss just about anything, except for Why? Why do you think? My dad & I, unfortunately, don't discuss much at all. It's not that I don't love him or don't get along with him...we just don't communicate all that well...most of it is trivial small talk that I know I'll regret one day. I guess that money and mental health would be the 2 hardest things to talk to him about because I feel like he gets judgemental about those 2 subjects.
2) What was the happiest day of your life? Do you think you'll ever top it? My wedding day, 16 years ago, had to be the happiest day of my life because I never thought anyone would ever love me enough to marry me & I was actually marrying my best friend. I doubt I'll ever be able to top it.

3) What animal would you like to be able to communicate with? My dog, Lucy, or my cat, Stella ~ I'd love to know what they're thinking & what they do all day when I'm not around.

4) In what way do you come nearest to perfection (as you define it)? Perfection isn't an easy thing to define & I'm not sure if I'd really want to be perfect. When I looked up "perfection" on to see what they'd say, it read "1. the state or quality of being or becoming perfect. 2. the highest degree of proficiency, skill, or excellence, as in some art. 3. a perfect embodiment or example of something. 4. a quality, trait, or feature of the highest degree of excellence. 5. the highest or most nearly perfect degree of a quality or trait. 6. the act or fact of perfecting." The fact is, I find myself awfully far from the state of perfection, in anyone's definition. BUT, if I had to choose 1 thing that I am nearly perfect's being loyal...& that's a pretty darn good thing to be nearly perfect at.

5) Show and Tell. What comes to mind first when you see this picture? Or, tell a story if it reminds you of one. (See picture above) Halloween, of course ~ & it's my favorite holiday along with Christmas. Can't wait ~ scary, spooky, fun-filled Halloween is almost here!

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Becky said...

Dang, you remind me I really need to get those pumpkins carved...runnin out of time real fast.

Cat. said...

Thanks for coming by to play! Have a great Halloween--hope the headache is gone by then!--and hope to see you next week as well.

Phinney said...

those jack-o-lanterns remind
me of a photo i once took of
ours outside in the dark,
on halloween night. looooonnngggg time ago.

so sorry about your headache,
i know JUST how you feel.
better soon, 'k??

AlbGlinka said...

Hope you're feeling better, Aunt Nub.

I finally did the Aunt Nub entry-- sorry it took so long. I hope the image looks better on your computer than mine, for some reason my pics are blurry on mine, something about pixel resolution.

And check out my entry about my new retail job at Macys!!!!!

btw, kitties are loving the chow and the furry mice are Sunshine's new favorite toy. Thanks again!

Carly said...

Hi Darlin :)

just stopping by to say "HI" and let you know I am thinking of you. I enjoyed reading the answers your wrote for the meme. Excellent. :)

-Carly :)