Saturday, November 3, 2007

Figuring it out?

I know, I's well into Fall, but I just a little look back to summer, when I was out in Montauk, NY & of the Montauk Point Lighthouse (yes, another view like the 1 by the title of my blog). I also wanted to be able to use this picture on my Blogspot profile & if I understand correctly, I needed to post it here. posting this picture is two~fold.

A longer, more timely post's time for bed. I hope you all remember to turn your clocks back!


Phinney said...

that's a gorgeous & beautiful picture! hope you have a good
sleep! i turn my clocks back
in the morning, love to get up, turn 'em back & say 'oooh, another
hour to sleep' then go back to bed.


Becky said...

Psst... rug bargains are at LOL! No, this is not spam. You asked me. ;-)