Sunday, February 3, 2008

Hand Picture

Here it is...long after this picture was taken, I'm finally posting what my hand looked like after the honkin' huge bandaging came off & the stitches came out. I need new batteries for my camera & then I'll get Skip to take more pictures, now that all the scabs are gone.


Phinney said...

wow, that is one painful looking thing! you know, i have carpal tunnel issues with both hands, (never truly diagnosed by Dr. but i obviously know when my hands turn numb after doing something for only 2 minutes!) anyway, i live with the issues rather than have the surgery, i know others who had it and their hand looked exactly like yours! and after, they said there was minimal improvement! i know yours was for a different reason, but i still hope your carpal feels better :)
xo phin

Becky said...

I want to say..."nice to see you are healing up" but day-um woman! That looks painful! *cringe*