Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Rant Rant Rant

I've lived in a really nice condo complex for 7 1/2 years now & have been very happy. We've got a fabulous view down into the valley & see all the pretty twinkling lights from White Plains (the closest city in our county). We don't have to mow the lawn or shovel anything when it snows (our common charges take care of that). There's a nice little pool & a clubhouse (available for parties & whatnot). There's a big castle that can be seen out my kitchen window in the front, just up the hill & is the highest point in the county. We have an end unit & our neighbor (attached on the left) is a doll ~ I so wish she weren't selling her unit & moving to Kansas City! Some close friends live in a unit just down the hill from us. The Hudson River is only about 3 minutes from my home. NYC is a short train ride from here. I'm really happy here.

So why am I so damn frustrated that I want to scream??? It may seem very trivial to all of you, but right now, I am so sick of it! It's how some of the neighbors use the particular "garbage shed" that we also use. There are several of them up & down the hill & several units are "assigned" to use a particular "shed." I say "shed" because I don't know what else to call them & that's pretty much what everyone else here calls them ~ it looks like a little garage, but it's where the dumpsters are for garbage, newspaper/cardboard & the bins for recycling.

Most people are pretty good about what goes in which dumpster. Others just don't care & quite literally just throw their stuff into the shed & let it land wherever it will. Not only is that gross, but it is also a hazard...forget anything else (like "can this be recycled?").....I've seen broken glass on the floor, along with bags of dog poop & turkey/chicken carcasses. We were recently informed by the management company that our village will be sending out trash inspectors randomly & if something isn't in the right dumpster or bin, the garbage men won't pick up any of the garbage & our complex would be fined. The fines would then be divided up amongst the condos & tacked onto our common charges. Everyone got the same letter & list of recycling do's/don'ts as we did & I've been extra vigilant about doing the right thing ~ I certainly don't want to be the one at fault for getting the fines tacked onto everyone's common charges. So why, why, WHY are people still tossing cardboard/newspapers in with the regular garbage...putting non~recyclable plastic bags all tied up around their recycling into those bins...tossing stuff just wherever?????? Do they just not care? Are they that stupid that they don't understand what to do? Can they simply NOT read?

I need some advice here. Is it too much of me to ask/believe that if I can take the time to sort stuff properly, so can everyone else? Should I hang a polite (yet firm) note telling people to start doing their part so we don't get fined? I almost want to sit there for a week & hold people's hands while they "get used to this," but who has the time/patience? I don't want to get fined for other people's laziness/stupidity, just as I don't want to be the one to blame for the fines. What should I do? What would you do?

PS I'm off from work tomorrow to finally go to the doctor about a cold that I've had since Sunday, plus some other issues. I've then got a therapist appointment late in the afternoon. In between the two, besides reading the book for Monday night's book club meeting, I've got to at least start on my swap for February's card swap. Any ideas from those artsy~craftsy types out there as to what I should stamp on a small~ish blank heart shaped puzzle with a Valentine's theme?


Phinney said...

some people can be such jerks. they don't care and probably won't change. and others have to pay the price. unfortunately, you will end up really paying, if they fine the whole unit. that sucks! i would put up a sign that says, "Hey! do you all want to pay extra money for this, when sorting your trash correctly takes only minutes a day!? life is expensive enough as it is, so find the time to CARE!!"

or something like that. ignorant, uncaring people totally piss me off.

as for your puzzle card, i might suggest covering it with bright flowers, of different sizes and colors. i think that would look cheery! or, flowers mixed with some words here and there. or, go the antique route & use vintage images and muted colors. i'm sure whatever you do will be nice...and i'd really love to have one - hinthinthint - if you have one to spare!! :)

xo me.

Becky said...

I instantly had 2 thoughts when I read your rant. One...get some heavy duty gloves and pull a CSI. Go through the trash that is out of compliance and find something with the culprit's name/address on it. Then you know who to blame. Two... find someone with a window that overlooks the shed and set up a video sting. We have a video camera that has night vision on it. We set it up in our front window and let it run at certain times of the day (when the kids were going to and from school) and put a decoy package on our mailbox. See, we had problems with someone stealing our mail. We caught the kid redhanded.