Friday, February 1, 2008


I'm home today with a headache & a half. Slept until about 11:45 this morning ~ guess the ol' body was telling me to stay in bed & get some rest. Skip headed to the store (which I know that he can handle more than capably ~ is that a word?), but even though I feel miserable, I'm still feeling guilty that he's there on his own. Must learn how to deal with these horrible feelings of guilt.

The weather here is misarable ~ dreary, rainy & windy. I can only say that thankfully it's not snowing. This weekend's forcast looks promising, with fairly sunny skies & temps up around 50. I'm sooooooo ready for spring ~ I don't care if it were to start tomorrow ~ bring it on, the sooner the better! LOL Must get an RV eventually & follow whatever nice weather I want to follow! I could also get to meet my blogging/journaling friends out there ~ some of you live closer to me than you realize!

I need to start getting crafty again. I've fallen behind in my rubber stamping card swap because of my hand surgery & really need to make January's card which is waaaaay late. Yikes! January's theme was to be a song title & I'm at a loss. Need a song title that would be easy enough to translate into a rubber stamped card. I'm thinking of stamping a country lane onto the card & then affixing a penny somehow at the beginning of the stamped image to represent the Beatles song "Penny Lane." Is that cheesy? Too easy/simple? Any ideas out there? I also want to start taking more pictures again. I miss doing that, too, & got a nice new digital camera with more megapixes from Skip for Christmas which I'd like to use when I've got some free time. crafty radar is spinning, unlike this old deserted military radar tower out in Montauk, NY (took this picture last September when we were out there for a cousin's wedding ~ ahhhhh...sunny days in Montauk!)

PS There are 2 other new posts below, in case you didn't know! :)


Martha said...

Sorry I haven't been checking in often. Hope you are all better now -- hand and headache! Now get that RV and come on down. I was at the beach this evening, the weather here is beautiful!
Oh, by the way, get your butt over to do my new photo challenge this evening, come on, it's easy!...


Carly said...

Hi Hon

Hope your headache is better by now. I am sorry I can't get by more often to comment. I am here, it's just do more reading then commenting because of my hands, but don't think you are alone sweetie... all your friends care about you, and enjoy your posts. :)

Hugs, Carly

Phinney said...

i wish you could get over your guilty feelings, too. i can't imagine that you really should be guilty as often as you feel. you're such a good person!!

now, stop having a headake, ok??