Thursday, February 7, 2008

In Need of Botox???? what am I supposed to think in this situation? What would you think?

Yesterday, a customer came into the store & was talking to Skip (who just had his 44th birthday on February 5th, mind you. I turned 41 last November). She told him that she was in the day before & was helped by his mom. Helped by his mom ~ what? I'm the only female who works in the store. He tells me this shortly after she left, asking me if I remember helping her. I said, "I might've, but I'm not sure. Did you point me out to her? Did you correct her & say that I'm your wife, not your mother?"

"No...I didn't want to embarass her. Maybe Leslie was in the store at the same time yesterday & spoke know how she likes to do that. Maybe she thought Leslie was my mom." (Leslie is a very frequent cutomer who does put her 2 cents in sometimes)

I can laugh about this now, but still in the back of my mind lingers the thought of "do I look that old? Does Skip look that young?" I've always looked young for my age. Everyone in my family has always looked much younger than they are (as does Skip's family). I just hope & pray that Skip's right & that Leslie was in the store!

Hmmmmmmmm.......are the "young genes" burning out? I better get back on track with moiturizing & starting to wear make~up again (I generally don't wear make~up, except for special events).


Anonymous said...

NO YOU DON'T !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! there was at NO TIME at all i thought she was talking about you. I am sorry you think that i would defend you. this woman was talking about someone else who was in the store.I LOVE YOU!!!! you do not need botox

Auntie Karen said...

Don't waste brain power on thoughtless or ignorant customers. And you shouldn't give a second thought about any personal comments made by customers. I have heard 'em all at least twice and I have been called things you couldn't even imagine. If they are wrong, correct them, but don't carry it with you. If they cared they would ask. You do not have permission to internalize this! They people who love you think you are just right!

Phinney said...

liz, in no way, shape or form do you look like skip's mother! you look like you are barely even 40! i personally think you look younger than that. don't give that ninny another thought. maybe she did talk to someone else, or perhaps she needs glasses. humpff.

HEY thanks for the catnip! the little whores enjoyed some this evening. gena rolled in it for a few minutes, then sat and stared at me for 10 straight minutes. it was kinda creepy! LOL!


Becky said...

I feel your pain, being 41 also. I feel like I have changed soooo much in just the last 2 years. I think menopause is staring me in the face (and kicking me in the face). I even went for an hour long "facial" the last time we were on a trip. I don't usually do the spa stuff, but I crossed my fingers. My skin felt great for about 2 days before things seem to return to dull, drab and wrinkled.

Martha said...

No, Aunt Nubster, you don't look old! I can relate to how you're feeling though, I've had people ask me if my kids are my grandchildren more than once - Grrrr!