Thursday, January 17, 2008

They're Gone!

Yes, ladies & gentlemen...the funky bandages/brace have gone bye~bye & the stitches are out of my hand! hand looks funky & my wrist is all teeny looking. Kinda weird feeling, too...almost like it's not really my hand, if that makes any sense at all.

I'm now the proud owner of 1 of those "sporty" black velcro braces that i'm to wear part of the time. The doctor also gave me some exercises to do & said that if I wanted pysical therapy, they cold set that up for me. I've already turned my wrist too far a couple of times (although not on purpose) & been seriously sorry it happened. OWIE! I'm 1 of those people wanting instant gratification, but I MUST be patient & take it slow & re~learn things. The condition my hand was in pre~operatively didn't happen overnight & neither will the recovery. I need to be patient. I had Skip take yet another set of pictures of my hands (documenting all this for myself). Does anyone have any objections if I post a picture here? You won't hurt my feelings, so please be honest either way!

'Nuff for now.....must go to bed.

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Phinney said...

i hope that today you are much better! i imagine that you are. physical therapy has always been so-so for me - sometimes fantastic, other times a waste of my time & good money! let me know what you've decided.
and i dont mind seeing pictures, not at all. so if you wanna post 'em go for it!