Tuesday, January 8, 2008


I finally was able to download pictures from my new digital camera (a Christmas present from Skip) ~ w00t! I'm not sure how the pre~surgery pictures are going to come out ~ if you'll be able to tell how swollen my right hand is. The other picture is obviously post~surgery with the huge bandages on it. There's a brace buried uner all of it, on the palm side, that runs down to where the bandages end. I seriously wonder how it all looks under there, with the 15 stitches, etc.

That's all for now...can't type much more...

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Phinney said...

it is hard to see how big your right hand was. i think i can tell a little.

and, omg! a new digital camera!?!? you lucky duck.
so how, exactly, did you take these pics of your two hands? with your nose? LOL. xo