Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Caption this.....!

Here are 2 belated pictures from Christmas afternoon/evening at my house when my family was over. Both are kinda funny & I want some suggestions for funny captions. One is of the men (left to right: my mom's new husband Jim, my hubby Skip, & my uncle Jim). The other is of us ladies (left to right: my cousin Jennifer, me, my mom, my aunt Shirin).
Go for it gang....gimme your best captions!


Becky said...

Ladies: Yeah! Go Obama!
Men: Oh crap...we want Hillary!

Phinney said...

cute pictures! i am a horrid photo-captioner. really awful! i can't think of a thing.

don't hate me.

xo phinney

Carly said...

Hi Darlin :)

What cute photos! I will have to put some thought into this. I am like Phinney... I am not the best photo-captioner, but I will think on it! :)