Thursday, January 31, 2008


I know I haven't posted in a while & I must apologize. My hand is getting better, little by little. I still intend to post some pictures from just after getting the big bulky stuff off & stitches out & from around this time. Now the scabs are coming off & it looks all funky/icky/crusty/weird. The skin underneath where the scabs were is so pink & tender to the touch & the movement in my hand is still somewhat limited, but getting better. I've been doing my own exercises with it, but everyone keeps telling me I should go for physical therapy. I'm considering it.

I've got so many doubts swirling around in my head. Doubts about my writing abilities here & if what I have to say is of any interest at all & if anybody is actually reading my words & if so, does it really matter to anyone or are you saying, "good lord, not more stuff about her hand...bor~ing!" What do you all want me to write about? I'm at a bit of a loss here. Want to send some questions my way? I welcome them! Give me ideas!

Doubts about how to run the store; if I'm doing enough; if I'm doing the right thing. Doubts about whether to take a day or afternoon off here & there. I immediately feel guilty if I do ~ I'm feeling it right now, as I'm home a little early & not feeling the greatest (trying to kick whatever this is out of me quick).

Doubts about if I'm being a good enough wife. Doubts about being a good enough friend to anyone. Doubts...doubts...doubts...

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Phinney said...

you are not alone in doubting everything. are you seeing anyone, you know, someone you pay to talk to while they write notes on their clipboard?

i think you should just write your blog for YOU! write whatever comes to mind - funny things that happen, tales of your foolish youth, fears, hopes & frustrations, i will be here to read it all. sometimes i write to share with you guys, but other times i write because something is just bursting inside and NEEDS to get out!!! so do it for YOU, liz, and you will find that the topics will just come to you! love you!