Monday, January 14, 2008


A short but sweet post to say that I stayed home from work today & hate my hand right now. I woke up with hideous hand pain & it hasn't let up all day. I just can't get comfortable & it's difficult to stretch my fingers out as though I was going to wave hello to someone. My dad called the doctor's office when he got to work & they told him that this can be expected (pain/swelling) at the 7~10 day mark post~surgery. Today is day 10. The stitches are due to come out Thursday afternoon. They said I could unwrap it all & soak in a bath for a while & then re~wrap it, plus take some ibuprofin in addition to the percoset I've been taking. I'm dreading what it's going to look like under there ~ YIKES! Skip's coming home early to help me thankfully. If I'm not better by tomorrow, then they said to come in.

Please send some good karma my way, would ya?


Becky said...

~~~~good karma vibes~~~~

Phinney said...

hi dearest,

little late on seeing this but good vibes full of karma headed your way.

i have a feeling that when it's unwrapped and you see it, it won't look as bad as you think it feels. or does. you know what i mean. :) love and huggins to you!!!!! phinney