Monday, January 7, 2008

Still Home

Howdy! It's Monday afternoon & I still haven't gone into work since my hand operation. I'll be heading in tomorrow to help Skip out as best as I can. I'm just taking it day by day here.

I've now gotten caught up on some of my TiVo'd stuff (Project Runway & a couple of others), have done some reading, napped, yada yada yada. Skip (that lucky boy) got to help me shower & wash my hair yesterday, since I can't get the bandages even a teensy bit wet (charming baggie/rubber band doo~dad on my hand during it all). I've got some serious B.O. going today, especially under the arms & around the bandages & I can't figure out why. Might have to go back to my childhood later when my mom brings Chinese food over for dinner & ask her to help me rid myself of this stench. LOL As for eating/holding utensils~ that's a whole nother story ~ I never realized how hard it would be to eat with my non-dominant hand!

That's all for now ~ it has taken me quite a while just to type this much & I want to install the software for my new digital camera so I can post some pictures (don't worry...they're not gross or anything).

1 comment:

Phinney said...

*hug* right back ( love that one! )

sorry about your stench LOL that must stink! hhahahaaaaa ...

i think you have the best people looking after you, sounds like you are in good hands. heheh, get it? good hands...? ok then.