Sunday, November 18, 2007

Blank Mind & Haiku

My Haiku

I sit here trying

I have no ideas at all

How boring am I?

Seriously, folks....I'm at a loss here. Writers' block. Brain freeze. Brain fart. Senior moment. Or, in my New Yawk accent (that Grove loves to tease me about), "whadeva ya wanna cawl mind's a freakin' blank." All I ever seem to talk about anymore is work. I've done some memes & even asked for others to answer the same meme question I did that day (but no one has as far as I know). I didn't want my blog to be boring or depressing. If I had my boring/depressing moments, so be it. But I wanted variety, baby! I don't even know if anyone's out there reading my stuff anymore. So......if you are.....gimme some ideas as to what to talk about. Ask me some questions! I'll answer a new question each time I get a chance to blog.

The only 3 things I could mention for my day today would be: (1) cat show; (2) card swap get together; (3) laundry.

(1) Skip & I went to the cat show today at the Westchester County Center in White Plains. There were some bee~yoo~tee~ful cats there, as well as some interesting, more exotic breeds, like the hairless ones. Mostly we were there on "business," checking out the vendors & seeing what we might like to bring into the store. Got some good ideas & saw lots of stuff that just wouldn't fit in with our kind of store (jewelry, scarves, pet bling ~ yes, there is actually pet bling out there!). It's our first time going to something like this with a particular agenda, so it was a learning experience. Sometime at least one of us is going to have to go to one of the huge industry shows in NYC or Atlantic City or the like.

(2) My wonderful buddy, Phinney, & I were in a rubber stamping card swap this year. That means that every month there's a different theme which you then make about 4 cards & send to a particular group of people who also send you a card in that theme. It's fun & a good way to get my creative juices flowing at least once a month. Today was the year end get together where everyone's cards are displayed, we vote on the best card for that theme (not an easy thing to do ~ they were all great), & suggest possible themes for next year. None of my cards got picked ~ oh well! I'll be doing it again next year & I'm hoping my Phinney~girl (who couldn't make it to the get together) will be doing it, too.

(3) How do 2 people generate so much damn laundry? All I ever seem to do latey (especially on weekends) is play catch~up with laundry. I'm convinced that clothes are throwing themselves out of drawers & off shelves or hangers & into the laundry baskets while we're sleeping or out of the house!

Well.....for someone with nothing to say, I sure said a lot. Go figure! Anyway, in case I don't get to post again before Thursday, I hope anyone reading my humble little blog has a terrific Thanksgiving!

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Becky said...

Do a search on the net for "Journal Jar". A friend of mine got one. It's full of slips of paper, each piece has a sort of interview question on it. An idea of something to write about in a journal or blog. I say to search the net because lots of people use these and you can swipe their questions without having to buy a jar. ;-)