Sunday, November 4, 2007

The "New" Store...

Drumroll, please! Ladies & gentlemen, children of all it is.....the pet supply store in southern CT that Skip & I are taking over! Hope the picture comes out OK, as I took it on my cell phone from behind the counter.

It's a long & fairly narrow store, that continues on to the right (in this picture) & behind me. In front of me, obviously, there's the windows & doorway where you come in. We don't have any animals in the store, only food, supplies, toys & the like.

Skip & I work 6 days a week, with only Sundays off. We were open from 10:00 ~ 7:00, but starting tomorrow, we'll be closing at 6:00, which is good because we have about a 40 minute drive home. It was tough, leaving at 9:00 & not getting home until after 8:00 ~ all I'd want to do is eat, watch a little bit of TV, & then go to sleep, only to repeat the process again the next day. Sorry if I sound like such a wuss, but I was use to office work, not worrying about certain things because I wasn't "the boss," learning how to do retail stuff, & having certain days off during the week besides Sundays. I really think I need a weekday off every other week, in order to do other things that you just can't do on a Sunday, plus just to save my mental health. I've already discussed it with Skip, since he'd have to go to the store alone if I did something like that, & he seems pretty OK with it. All I keep thinking though is....Liz, you're a wimp...a great big wimp!.....for, do this.

Any~who....enough of my whining! The Fall weather seems to finally be here in the NYC metro area ~ temperatures are much cooler & the trees are at their absolute peak (if not just a tad beyond) in my neck of the woods. Tomorrow is my 41st birthday & I've got no problem with it. I'm dealing pretty well with the chin hairs (& general facial hairs) that need constant tweezing; the peeing myself when I laugh, cough, sneeze (I actually looked at a box of Depends recently); the beginning to wonder if I need life insurance; the increased need for sleep; the not understanding the attraction to the music that kids listen to nowadays & hearing my favorite music on the oldies or "light" radio stations; the wondering which vitamins to take; the need for regular mamograms; the not knowing what a Bluetooth was until a 23 year old told me & other technology based stuff I just don't get or know about.....I could go on & on! BUT.....I'm much happier with turning 41 than I was with turning 30. Go figure! Skip, my parents, my aunt & I will be going out to dinner tonight to a nice steakhouse near where I live ~ should be good!

S'all for now, gang! Did you remember to turn your clocks back?


Becky said...

Happy Birthday. Thanks for joining me in the magical realm of 41. I am currently trying to cool down from the mid-night hot flash that drove me out of bed. Nothing like a blog jog to cool my jets.

Phinney said...

the store looks neat, hope to come down & visit it one day! you must be getting tired, all that non-stop work you are doing! busy busy busy!

i meant to stop here & wish you happy birthday on the DAY but i missed it - did you get my card? i hope so, didn't go in to get it weighed so i just put stamps that i thought were enough. i hope you had a terrific birthday, chin hairs & all. why is it that you can't see them in the bathroom mirror, but soon as you get in the car and check the mirror out there, whoa! there's a big long black hair! DUH!

wish i was seeing you this weekend in LI - hopefully see you sometime soon. it has been over a year! xo