Sunday, March 30, 2008

17 Things About Me

I've seen other people do similar things on their blogs in the past, with various amounts of things they share (10, 25, etc). Here I am with mine, some of which you may already know.

1) I live in Tarrytown, NY, home of the Tappan Zee Bridge & about 20 miles north of New York City. I've lived here since August of 2000. It's famous for being the home of Washington Irving, author of The Legend of Sleepy Hollow & Rip Van Winkle.

2) I've been married to my best friend, Skip, since June 2, 1991.

3) We don't have any kids due to infertility. By choice, we didn't persue any other options such as fertility treatments, surrogacy (sp?), or adoption. It was a difficult choice at first, but we're very happy with it now. We love spoiling our dog (Lucy), our cat (Stella), our 2 nieces (Naomi & Grace), our nephew (Sam), & other people's kids.

4) I went to an all girls, private, Catholic high school in New Rochelle, NY. I got a fabulous education there (was in AP art classes), but had a hard time with some of the other girls ~ I was pretty geeky & was picked on terribly.

5) I am an only child. BUT...I'm very close to 3 of my cousins & I refer to my cousin Heather as my sister & her daughter (Grace) as my niece.

6) I was a radio major in college. Unfortunately, I never pursued it, but I sure wish I had.

7) I love rubber stamping & doing all sorts of other artsty and/or craftsy things (knitting, photography, altered books, etc). I'm convinced I have craft ADD.

8) I have 5 tattoos & am looking to get more. On my right thigh, I have a bumblebee; on my left arm I have an American Indian inspired arm band with my nieces & nephew's initials inside some feathers; on my left shoulder blade I have the Chinese symbol for "endure"; on my right shoulder blade I have a rose entwined in a peace symbol & the date 9/11/01 under it; on my lower back I have the NY Mets emblem.

9) I was an EMT, but it expired & I really must refresh when I've got the time. I also volunteer at the local ambulance corps, but again I need the time to become active.

10) I love to travel, but my absolute favorite spot in the world is Montauk, NY (the eastern most point in NY state). Skip & I hope to have an RV someday & just travel around the US.

11) I am a Scorpio. My birthday is November 5th.

12) I am short ~ only 5' tall ~ but used to date someone who was 6'7". Quite a pair we were!

13) I love to read & am the hostess for a monthly book club.

14) I was born in NJ, but my parents were living in NYC at the time. My mom & dad were living in England when my mom got pregnant with me. When they moved back to the US (while she was still pregnant), they stayed with some friends in NJ until they got an apartment in the city. My mom didn't want to switch doctors yet again, so she stuck with the first doctor in NJ. They drove past a ton of hospitals on the island of Manhattan itself, & went about 45 minutes or so to a hospital in NJ. I only spent a couple of days there (they brought me home to their studio apartment in the city with the Empire State Building as my nightlight) & have never lived anywhere else than a stones throw from the Big Apple.

15) I have a candle fetish (especially Yankee Candle Company) & a plastic shopping bag fetish (don't ask ~ but I never have to buy kitchen garbage bags ~ anyone have some plastic shopping bags from the supermarket they want to send me from out of the NYC metro area? LOL).
16) I believe in the paranormal (ie: ghosts, etc) & have even had paranormal experiences.
17) My favorite drink of all time is chocolate milk made with Nesquik. I could drink it all day & never tire of it!

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Meandering Martha said...

Oh here we go with the paranormal stuff again, LOL! Didn't I say something really stu[id when you brought it up last time?

I have got to get by here more often! I think I have blog ADD. I guess that's why I stick with AOL - I never remember to check blogs/journals unless I get an alert!

Love your list by the way!