Sunday, March 23, 2008

Easter Sunday ~ Playing Catch Up

I'm still amazed at how quickly time flies & how my daily routine is the same~old same~old. I want to have an interesting post, an amusing anecdote. When something happens & I think to myself, "I must use this in my blog," I seem to forget it 5 minutes later....& so the moment is gone. I get home at the end of a long day at the store & I'm just too dang tired to try to remember. I end up just plopping down on the couch to eat some dinner in front of the TV & end up staying there until I crawl off to bed. My blog needs attention (as do posting comments at the various ones I read); my rubber stamping, knitting (I've been working on a simple scarf for a year!), various crafts, reading, cooking, housecleaning....all in need of my attention. At least the bills are getting paid, but I'm standing at the kitchen counter doing them.

It's Easter Sunday. Spring officially started a few days ago thank gawd! I'm so anxious (as I am every year) for the lovely Spring weather...warmer temps, sunny days...all the glories of Spring. The daffodils & other Spring~y plants are starting to push their little heads up through the ground. Little green shoots peeking their heads up through the drab brown ground. Trees & bushes are starting to hint at having beginning buds. My pussywillow tree has it's little fuzzy buds on it & I saw a robin the other day ~ sure signs that Spring has sprung. HOORAY! I've said it before & I'll say it again...I'm not a fan of Winter. The cold & dreary days depress me. On the other hand, I don't like the high humidity we get here in the NYC metro area, but I'd rather be too hot than too cold & I'd much rather see the green on the trees & all the beautiful flowers/plants in bloom than the dreary browns/greys of Winter.

Now I must close my entry for today ~ need to move on to reading & commenting elsewhere & spread some love. My next entry will probably be on Wednesday ~ how about giving me some questions to answer ~ I need some ideas here gang, so that my entries aren't the same boring junk all the time!!!!


Becky said...

Happy Easter!

Carly said...

Hi Liz :)

HAPPY EASTER!!! I don't think your blog is boring. I am a big fan. Just keep on being you, and sharing your life with us, and the rest will fall gracefully into place. :) I am sorry I haven't been by to give you some encouragement, everything going in too many directions at the same time. I am trying to blog more regularly now, so will be seeing me more often, but if I don't just come and hit me upside the head, and I will be right there. I need the gentle nudge of a good friend once in a while. Tee Hee.

Always, Carly