Saturday, March 29, 2008

American Idol Meme

My buddy, Becky, came up with this meme over at her blog, Where Life Takes You, & I thought I'd play along.

"I am inspired by last night's episode of American Idol. Here's the scenario:You are an amazing singer and have the opportunity to showcase your talent on TV. You must pick a song that was popular in the year you were born. What song do you pick and why?"

Alrighty then. Becky & I were both born the same year, I went to the top 100 list that she linked to for that year. A pretty good selection in that I knew of most of them (I was a radio major in college, remember?) & know the words to a bunch of them. BUT....which do I pick? Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm...after double & triple checking up & down the list, I'll pick......drumroll please..................."Summer in the City" by the Lovin' Spoonful! I'm just in that frame of mind. I live so dang close to THE city of all cities (if you don't know what city I live near, then you haven't been reading me that long or just haven't been paying attention or aren't 1 of my local readers ~ Hi Lori! Hi Karen! Hi Lysa!) & I'm ready for summer (or at least spring). Becky says she'll give extra credit for actually singing it & then posting that serenade....but I won't torment all of you with that. LOL

Now it's your turn to answer the question! You can either blog about it (let me know so I can check it out) or leave me a comment. Have fun gang!

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Auntie Karen said...

I ain't singing, but I'll go pick a song. heehee