Wednesday, March 12, 2008

This and That

I've been meaning to blog...really I have. It's just that I've been really busy & not much to write about. I didn't want another yawn~fest like my last entry. So....what the heck have I been up to?

Work, mostly. That & laundry, watching stuff I've TiVo'd...& sleep. I'm finally feeling better, but my right ear is still majorly clogged ~ like having a cotton ball stuffed in there or something. I really must e-mail my doctor to tell him it's still like this after all this time & also inquire about some test results. Making a mental note to do so after finishing this entry.

Today was a day off for least off from working at the store. I've been bopping between the computer (trying to catch up on e-mails & at least trying to read other journals ~ sorry if I haven't commented in a while or even today, but trust me, I am reading!), doing 500 pounds of laundry, changing the sheets on the bed, working on the St. Patrick's Day cards for this month's card swap (yes, Phinney, you are getting one! :D), yada, yada, yada. I've gotten a lot done, but have been bouncing around like crazy...gotta love my ADD!

My book club read a book last month called Lost and Found by Carolyn Parkhurst & I highly recommend it ~ it was fabulous! This month we're reading The Wild Parrots of Telegraph Hill by Mark Bittner. It's a really interesting look into one man's interaction with a flock of wild parrots in, of all places, San Francisco (Carly & Grove, have either of you seen this flock or even know about it? I'd love to hear your take on it!). I've got the video for it, but haven't watched it yet, as I want to have read at least most of the book first. Speaking of videos (we've got Blockbuster Online which is like Netflix), I've also got The Prize Winner of Defiance, Ohio but I haven't watched that either. Should be good. Can't say that I've watched any truly memorable videos lately since I've been watching so much on TiVo. The last thing I watched was 1408 with John Cusack, but it was just OK.

As for the Governor of my home state, New York, all I can say is that I'm disappointed. I personally don't care what people do sexually behind closed doors. It's none of my business & I plainly & simply just don't care. However, when someone goes around supposedly "cleaning up" prostitution rings & taking the high road & then goes & does something like this, it seems awfully hypocritical to me. Too bad this had to happen, Mr Spitzer, I feel much more worried about the state of your marriage & family life than I do about the state of our fair state. Carly has many of the same thoughts on this subject as I do over at her blog, Ellipsis. She's written about it much better than I ever will!

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Anonymous said...

I can't believe I found your blog! Through a friend of a friend no less! It was so weird to see "Aunt Nub," a name I recognized, on a blogroll that I did a double-take.

Well, I'm glad I found you. Are you still knitting? I know you're still stamping, making cards. Let's catch up!