Sunday, March 2, 2008

Yawn~fest 2008

Howdy!'s been a yawn~fest here in the life of Aunt Nub since I last posted...what....oh lord, has it been a week? I think I can officially call it "Yawn~A~Palooza 2008!"

Nothing much has happened here. I've still been fighting this dang bronchitis or whatever it has morphed into ~ 2 weeks & counting. I've been in & out of work this past week ~ mostly out though ~ just kinda snoozing, laying on the couch watching TV or reading...that sorta thing. I haven't showered since Leap Day & am now feeling truly disgusting because of it. I am, however, starting to feel better, but the energy level is still pretty much in the gutter. At least the nose/chest congestion is letting up a little & my temperature seems to have stabilized back at normal.

I still haven't done anything about the mess that goes on the garbage shed, but that's only because I don't have the energy to care right now. I will do something soon though! In the meantime, something has stolen our 3rd bird suet feeder off our back deck. I know it's not a human, because our deck is at the equivalant of the 2nd story back there because of the way the land slopes to the side & behind our house. No human would bother with it....just a waste of time & energy. However....I can't figure out how maybe a squirrel is getting on the deck (no trees close enough to it) & then it's not just like the dang thing has been knocked onto the deck or over the railing & onto the ground below. The dang thing is G-O-N-E! It's nowhere to be found! Is a squirrel actually knocking it off the deck & then dragging it off into the woods???? WEIRD! We've replaced it again today ~ let's see how long it lasts (thankfully, they're not expensive).

The picture above is from the snow storm that I last posted about ~ it's taken me this long to upload it to my computer & post it here. Although I thought the snow looked really pretty on the forsythia bush in front of my house, I'm ready for Spring. I really don't know what else to tell you.....I've been that friggin' boring. Can you forgive me?

By the way, I'm open as usual for questions & suggestions of what to write about! Also.....I've added a new widget in my sidebar (in case you haven't noticed) pop on over there & mark your spot on my map!


Phinney said...

i think that it matters not where a birdfeeder or suet cage is: a squirrel, if he wants it, will get it. you'd be surprised. he probably jumped on your neighbors roof 8 units away then leapt his merry way to your rooftop and down to reach your suet.

what. it could happen!

and stop yawning, you're not boring. you're as boring as me. wait. that's boring ROFL! i have PLENTY to write about but i don't. i've watched some GREAT movies lately, read some really cool books, blah blah, but haven't shared. that's an idea. what're ya watching? what you been reading? tell us about them. i'll try to do the same.

it's hard to write when we are just plain BORED with ourselves. that's my opinion. and honey, am i ever bored of myself. blech!!!

love ya! xoxoxo phinney

Becky said...

feel the need to comment...but lack the brain cells to form coherent thought. Um. Um. I'd better go to bed. LOL