Sunday, December 2, 2007


AAAACCCCCCKKKK! It fuckin' snowed while we slept last night!!!! It wasn't supposed to do that until later in the day! Skip & I have been so busy working 6 days a week & not getting home until around 7:00 pm, that we were going to put up our Christmas lights outside this morning. Now everything is covered in about an inch of snow & rain is possible later! YUCK! I really, really, REALLY wanted to get my Christmas lights up today!!!! Maybe...just maybe...we can still get them put up since the snow isn't too heavy. Keep your fingers crossed! Hooray! We were able to put up the lights in front of the house! The lights & the big inflatable Santa can wait for another day this week ~ those are the easier ones to do.

I'm just not ready for winter; not mentally at least. I love Christmas & all that, but the long winter months really get me down. I started dealing with S.A.D. (seasonal affective disorder) a long time ago, but last year it was really bad ~ so bad that I got myself one of those lightboxes that simulate sunlight (but without the bad UV rays) to help combat it. I got it late in the season & it helped, but the real test will be this winter. Just need to have it near me for about 15~30 minutes in the morning on gray days.

I wish I had more to write about. I get here to my blog with a ton of things on my mind that I want to say, but then my mind goes blank or I get distracted & I forget about what I wanted to say. Just getting old, huh? I'm going to start the new year off with a journal jar, suggested by a good friend, Becky. the meantime...if there's anyone out there actually reading my blog (Hi Phinney & Becky! I think you're the only 2!).....why not ask me a question...any question...& I'll answer it here. Either leave the question in the comment section or e-mail it to me at my montaukny address.

PS I mailed out all 120 Christmas cards ( read right...120!) late on Friday night so that they'd be in the early mail on Saturday, December 1st! That means that if you're on my Christmas card list, you should be getting a card from little ol' me any day now!


Carly said...


What about me? I read you! I do, I do! :) Sorry about the snow, but goodness I wish we had a little here in the Bay Area. It's supposed to rain tomorrow, that's as close to snow as we usually get. Sigh.

Ask you a question? Ok. Here it is.

Who would you most like to see have their likeness made into a Chia Head? LOL.

Hugs, Carly

Becky said...

I should take my own advice. My blog has been lacking something lately. LOL! It snowed here last night too. There is supposed to be an ice storm over night. We'll see if there is a delayed school opening. I hope so. OK, so a question. Um. It's 1am. Brain don't work so good at this hour. If you could go anywhere in the blink of an eye, where would you go first?

Anonymous said...

Hi! I never got your questions to be the Official Question Asker of the Day. Did you email them to me?


p.s. I don't have a Google/Blogger account that goes anywhere, that's why this is an anonymous comment

Phinney said...

You are lucky you only got some snow. We got an ice storm. Accidents everywhere, some deadly on our highways :(
I was out last night, almost fell on my booty. I will tell the story of where I went last night on my journal, there, doesn't that entice you to want to come by later and read??! ;)

School was a 90 min. delay today, unfortunately, Beau is on the sofa sick as a little puppy with a cold & fever :(:(:( Mommy is taking care of him, for sure.

When you were a little kid, let's say grade 5 or so...who was your very best friend? Do you know where they are today?

xo Phinney