Sunday, December 16, 2007

My Turn/Your Turn

My Turn: I am a creature of comfort, routine, structure, ritual. I sit down at my computer in a certain way. I lie on the couch in a certain way. My bathroom routine at bedtime is very specific. My "morning stuff" around the kitchen follows the same pattern every morning before I toddle back upstairs to shower & dress. I feel funny in the morning when I get to work if I don't get to sit down with my not~toasted, buttered bagel & check my e-mails & really let it sink in that I'm at work & that it's a retail store. I don't think of myself as the stereotypical O.C.D. person, but I probably have some of those tendencies. I even wonder sometimes if I've got a mild form of Asperger's, but never diagnosed. I have some of those tendencies, too. I do know that I've got B.P.D. (Borderline Personality Disorder) & a social phobia (not easy to deal with when working retail). One bedtime ritual that I must always do, just to ease my own mind because you never know, is to tell Skip that I love him "forever and a chopstick" (meaning all that plus a little bit more) & he says it back to me. I don't think I could fall asleep without telling him that.

Your Turn: Do you currently or have you ever had any routines or rituals that comfort you?


Carly said...

Hi Sweetie :)

My favorite routine that comforts me is to take a long hot bubble bath, and if I am really stressed, I will bring along a really cold glass of whatever sugar-free beverage I am in the mood for, and exactly 2 chocolate dipped strawberries, which is only 45 calories!It's one of those wonderful indulgences that wee diabetics can have, without hurting our blood sugar too much! :) YUM.


Becky said...

Hmm. I don't think I've EVER done something the same way twice. But I do have to finish what I start, once I start...I HATE to be interrupted. It bugs the crap out of me because I almost never get BACK to the thing I started if someone breaks my flow. That is part of my ADHD.

Martha said...

I am a lot like you. I don't think I have any excessive OCD symptoms, but everything is all about routine.

Phinney said...

routine. hmmmmm. i'm a gemini - flighty & fickle twins, ya know - so routine doesn't really describe me. the only thing i know i have consistently done for years is when i kiss my son goodnight for the last time at night, when he's already asleep, i whisper 'mama loves you' into his ear. been doing it since he was born. :)