Monday, December 3, 2007

Apologies & Questions I forgot to add Carly in on my list of regular readers. I'm a bad, bad girl...please don't tell Santa! I'm so sorry, Carly, can you forgive me? I've got 3 readers out there...that I know of. Official hugs to Phinney, Becky, & Carly! YAY!

Another big YAY to the questions I've received in my comment box for my last entry! It makes my heart smile & I feel all squishy inside (in a good way...get yer mind outta da gutter!) My first question is from Carly, whom I shamefully left off the list (hanging my head in shame). It's a good one, too! Are you ready for this? "Who would you most like to see have their likeness made into a Chia Head?"

I absolutely cracked up when I saw this question! I also knew immediately who I'd like to see done as a Ch~ch~chia, Chia Pet. Actually, it's 2 people, 1 fictional & 1 real. The first would have to be Mr. Clean, because I'd love to see what he looks like with hair. The other would be Donald Trump. Not that I'm a fan of the Don, but because his real hair ~ that dang, hideous, revolting, heinous comb~over ~ is sooooooo bad, that just about anything could be better! I mean, seriously, wouldn't that be hysterical? I think so, but then again, I've got a fairly warped sense of humor.

Great question, Carly! I've got 2 more questions to answer so far, but I'm going to save them for another day. If you haven't already asked me a question, or have thought up another 1, please feel free to add to the list, either in the comment box or my montaukny e-mail address.


Carly said...

ROFL! The Donald as a Chia Head! Tee Hee. You ticked my funny bone with that one! TeeeeeHeeeeee. :) Am I allowed to submit a second question??? Drop me an email and let me know. :) Oh, and no worries about leaving me off the list, you know I am out there... and of course, out there. ~~~~Grin~~~

Always, Carly

Phinney said...

ch-ch-ch-chia LOL!

waiting for an MUST be busy this week!


Martha said...

This just reminded me to buy my daughter a ch-ch-ch-chia for one of her Christmas presents -- Yes, I'm serious! LOL!
Now you officially have 4 readers!
Hugs, Martha :-)