Sunday, December 16, 2007

OH! OH! Mr Kotter!

Greetings & salutations on what is another yucky weather day here in the northeast. We've got some sort of n'oreaster going on here in the NYC metro area & every weather report that I've heard in the past 24 hours gives a different account of what's going to happen. We did get another inch of snow here & what sounded like some freezing rain. The winds have been crazy & will probably continue for the rest of the day. All I want to know soon can we get Spring here? Not soon enough in my opinion!

On to other stuff...another question! Keep those questions coming, as I'm not starting to do my journal jar until the new year!!! Today's question comes from my buddy Martha (in warm & probably sunny Florida ~ dang you, Martha! LOL). Yet another great question!

Have you ever had any odd paranormal experiences?

In hopes that some or all of you don't think I'm more wacko than I already am, I'll admit that I've had some paranormal experiences, although I'm not sure what classifies them as odd or not.

I suppose that any paranormal experience is odd, since they're not exactly the norm. I saw my dear father~in~law standing near a coat rack across the room at the funeral parlor on the day of his funeral. He's talked to me ever since, told me all sorts of things, some of them I couldn't know, although I haven't really seen him like that again. My maternal grandmother, who passed away on January 14th of this year has spoken to me, too. Both of them have been in the car with me when I was driving home late at night from my old security guard job, holding my head & talking to me. I could feel them, hear them, smell them. I've also had the experience of smelling both my grandmothers quite vividly at different times & in different parts of my house. I've got a picture (which I'll try scanning & posting here at some point) that I took in black & white of an old country church, but upon developing it, there is a misty face in the lower left hand corner.

I could rationalize a lot of the above by saying that I really miss all of these people & wish that they were still here & therefore my mind is doing things to me, but I don't think so. So what do you think of me now? And.....have any of you had any "odd" paranormal experiences?


Becky said...

Oh heck ya. I am pretty sure I blogged about it a couple Halloweens ago...seeing the ghost of the family dog.

Carly said...

Hi Liz

Oh my yes. I have had experienced paranormal activity on and off since childhood. It doesn't make us "wacko" it makes us intuitive. :)

Hugs, Carly

Martha said...

LOL!I have to laugh at myself for saying "odd" paranormal!
My spirits sometimes make noise and once actually flung something across the room! One kicks the back of my seat when I'm alone in the car. Now who's Wacko? ;-)