Sunday, June 15, 2008

Direct From Never~Never~Land

Helloooooooo out there! Been wondering where I've been? As usual, I've been going to work, coming home, eating & collapsing.....never in the mood to do an entry here. Pathetic, I know. No excuses except for lame ones. Is anyone still out there....reading my blog....waiting for me to re~appear & update? I hope so! I feel like I'm in the Twilight Zone or Never~Never~Land & desperately wanting to update & desperately wanting to know that someone is still out there.

To make matters worse on my lack of updates & readership, I'll be going away to Montauk, NY with my mom from June 17th to June 22nd. This is our 7th or 8th time going out there on a yearly basis, just me & her. I used to go every year with my parents when I was little, but then that stopped. Now I crave the time I'm's just so beautiful, peaceful & relaxing. The picture at the top of my page is of the Montauk Point Lighthouse that I took last year. I should have lots to talk about & pictures to post when I get back. Will you all still be there & reading?

As for what's been going on BESIDES work...I had my first colonoscopy (not counting the disasterous (sp?) one I had a few years ago with no prep, no sedation, etc at the whack of a general physician's office that I used to go to) at my gasteroenteroligist (again, sp?). For those of you who haven't had one done, the prep work during the preceeding 36 hours is definately the worst....horrible, nasty stuff to drink, followed by horrible, nasty stuff afterwards. During the procedure the anesthesiologist gave me an IV with some funky stuff to make me pretty much out of it. The procedure took about 20 minutes & all I remember is a little pressure (barely noticeable) & some muffled voices. Skip brought me home & I just relaxed & farted for the rest of the day. I need to remember to call the doctor's office while I'm away for the results.

I also got some fun new rubber stamps that I want to experiment with. The cards that I saw in the store (The Great American Stamp Store in Westport, CT) were really cool & I want to try to re~create them. As I'll have a bunch of newly made cards in the next couple of weeks just dying to fly off to someone, I'm wondering who I can send one to. Anybody want an "Aunt Nub Original"???? Just let me know & I'll be more than willing to make one for you...provided I've got your snail~mail address!

The cuties at the top of this post are 6 Bichon Frise puppies that a customer brought in to our store in the past week. She's a breeder & the mama doggie just had them on April 6th, so they're only about 8 or so weeks old. She had them all in the carrier & brought them & the proud mama into the store. There was another customer in the store at the time, so we each got to hold one or two of them at a time. I just couldn't resist snapping a picture of their cute little faces (at least 5 of them) peeking out of the carrier on my camera phone.

Anywho.....must go get my eyebrows & other assorted & sundry facial hairs waxed (AKA "defuzzed") plus start getting stuff packed for my Tuesday morning departure for Montauk. Have a great week! I'll talk to you soon!


Anonymous said...

hi! me, here, still. i'm sorry to read that you are still just coming home pooped every night and having no life! you poor girl. i have been missing you lately. relay for life was this weekend, missed you & thought of you.

um, aunt nub original officially requested here, please&thankyou.

have a GREAT time in montauk and don't forget my annual POSTCARD please!!! (i know you won't)

colonoscopy, yuck. farting, teehee! update on results when you ocme back, 'k?

LOVE YOU!!! xoxoxo phinney, who can't sign in because stupid blogger decided my password is wrong!

Becky said...

Still here! Oooo! Puppies!

IndigoSunMoon said...

The pups are too cute! And yes, I'm still out here reading you Liz.
Love you!