Monday, April 14, 2008

What's New with Nub?

After a gray~ish weekend weather wise, it promises to be sunny (at least through Thursday) with a warming trend ~ should get to 70 on Thursday. I'm posting today, a Monday, instead of my usual Wednesday or Sunday, because I needed to get home early from work & finish up last minute tax sh*t. Nothing like last minute, right?

This past Sunday, Skip & I wanted to try to get closer to a "lighthouse" (although there's no water near where's it's located) that we see every morning on our way to work. There's also a hand painted sign on a fence on the side of the road advertising "farm fresh eggs." I'm a sucker for farm fresh eggs, as they're richer & better tasting than the ones you get in the supermarket. We were able to drive just inside the property to the caretaker's house (I forget how old he said it was) & ~ HOORAY! ~ purchase a dozen eggs. He said there'll be a lot more where that came from very soon, since they have 400 ~ yes! 400! ~ chickens & they're starting to lay eggs like crazy. MMMMmmmmmm! I can foresee some hard~boiled eggs & baking in my future! However, we couldn't get any closer to this "lighthouse." Turns out, according to the farm caretaker, that it's a water tower. Veddy interesting! All of this & I'm still in Westchester County...suburbs of NYC! Whoda thunk?

Tomorrow I have off (again, a change from my usual Wednesday & Sunday off) because: 1) I had a week from heck last week, what with Skip being so sick; 2) I'm going with my friend Anabel to see Lisa Williams (she talks to the dead & I'm all into that sort of stuff) at the Tarrytown Music Hall tomorrow night. Dinner at the diner & then the show...should be a good girl's night out!

Anywho, in closing...I share with you a picture of the daffodils that I planted at my Mom's house several years ago. They are in full bloom (mine at home aren't ready to bloom yet. Why is that? We live only 9 miles apart.) & are magnificent. Gotta love their sunny, happy faces!


Becky said...

Lisa Williams?! OMG I love her! I watch her show. I didn't know she did touring gigs. I'd love LOVE to get a reading from her.

Martha said...

The flowers are beautiful! Hope the weather is beautiful too. We've been having cold weather in Florida this week. Weather this year just doesn't make sense!