Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Long Time...No Post

I've been a lazy slob about posting here lately.....I'm the first to admit sue me. LOL I've been loving the Spring weather for the past week (actually, it's summery here today ~ incredible!) & have been working like crazy. What else is friggin' new?

Our dishwasher was apparently spewing water all over the kitchen floor 2 nights ago. I usually turn it on last thing before toddling upstairs to bed. Skip was downstairs in the basement checking his e-mail when he said it sounded like a waterfall. YIKES! So....for the past couple of nights I've been hand washing any plates, silverware, glasses. Makes me realize how dang spoiled I am by having a dishwasher & how I never want to be without it again! I know...I know....."Awwwwww, poor baby! 2 days of handwashing stuff! ::sniff:: ::sniff::" Break out the violins!!! Anywho, the repairman came to fix it today & I'm thrilled ~ especially since the bill wasn't too bad.

Tomorrow is my grandmother's 90th birthday. She passed away a year ago in January & I miss her, but I do hear from her from time to time & quite often can smell her scent. But, I'm working tomorrow & won't be able to go to the cemetery. My mom & I are having dinner tonight in her honor.

The Lisa Williams show was fabulous! A lot of people came through to her & she gets very specific with the family/friends who are in the audience. Truly amazing! The first person to come through was someone named Richard (I've got a cousin named Richard who died at age 36 in a horrible car accident up in the Nanuet, NY area), but I don't know if it was MY Richard or someone else's.....he got shy & stepped back to let others come through & she never got back to him. I really wish I could've known if it was my cousin or not ~ bothers me a little.

My wonderful neighbor, Jane, moved to Kansas as of this past Monday. She was a fabulous lady, good friend, & terrific neighbor! Why does it seem like as soon as I make friends with somebody or become close with somebody, they up & leave me somehow? I find myself putting a wall up around myself....keeping people at an arm's length, yet desperately yearning for friends...just because I'm afraid they'll leave. I hate that I do this, but afraid of being hurt. People die, move far, far away, become too busy to be with me or have some excuse not to hang out with me(yet are friends & hang out with other people)......I don't know therefore, up goes my shield. I really value the importance of friendship ~ sometimes it's all that you have. Hmmmmmmmmmm.......wish I could break free all these mixed emotions.

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Becky said...

I'm with you on the friends thing. You sound like me.