Wednesday, September 26, 2007

What's on YOUR bookshelf?

Okie-dokie it official picture from the first meeting of my book group! All I can say is, my lord...I look like a one~legged~squinting~midget! I know I'm short (only 5' even), but this is ridiculous!!!!! Front row, left to right: Lisa, Mary Lou, Karen, Liz (moi!), Marti. Back row, left to right: Anabel, Skip, Lori. Hope no one minds my using their first names. Only 1 person was MIA. Thanks to Marti's Aunt Lilly for taking the picture! We're calling ourselves the "Reckless Abandon Book Club," but as Skip pointed out, maybe we should've called ourselves "8 Ladies & a Bloke." He was such a good sport for being the only guy there, but secretly I think he loved it!
Anywho...the book group went absolutely fabulously!!! Our first selection (in case I didn't mention it before) was Kitchen Confidential: Adventures in the Culinary Underbelly by Anthony Bourdain (you might have caught his show on the Travel Channel called "No Reservations"). It was a fascinating look into the restaurant business & the life of a professional chef ~ I highly recommend it, as did everyone else. Certainly gives you a whole nother view & I won't be ordering certain things ever again!
We had all sorts of goodies to eat on top of it all, as everyone brought something ~ tiramisu, assorted muffins, cheese & crackers, chocolate, wine, soda, & something called monkey bread, which I must get the recipe for (it tasted almost like Cinnabon)!
We're doing it again at the end of next month & we're reading A Death in Belmont by Sebastian Junger. I'm so looking forward to it! What's everyone else (besides my book group) out there reading?
By the way...I was finally able to post the vineyard picture I mentioned in the post below. Check it out!


AlbGlinka said...

Hi Aunt Nub: What a great thing to do-- reason to socialize and reason to read. You all look very happy to get together.

I watch the show Top Chef and I know that Bourdain guy has been a guest judge. It's amazing what an art form fine cuisine is at that level. Half of it sounds usually gross to me, but the other half sounds so tasty.

Keep on blogging!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

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