Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Really, really quick update

I've only got a few minutes before I head out to my therapy session, but I wanted to post here. I saw the endocrinologist today ~ she's just the nicest person. We've worked out a schedule over the next month to get me up to full dosage on metoformin (the generic of glucophage) which should not only help me with the Diabetes, but the hormonal imbalances, excess hair growth & help me to lose some weight. I also got a free meter to check my glucose levels once a day about 2 hours after a meal. I need to keep my numbers under 140.

I also need to go on a low glycemic index diet & work my way up to walking 5 times a week (yes, Lori, you read that right...we'll be walking more!). My question here is...besides the books I've ordered from Amazon on the low glycemic index anyone else out there in my limited readership do a diet like this & know any tried & true recipes you can share with me? This is all brand new to me & I'm a little overwhelmed. Skip also has diabetes, but we've never really gotten into this full swing & I could sure use some ideas & encouragement. Thanks in advance!

More to come in a few days...after my cousin's wedding.......will keep you posted....

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IndigoSunMoon said...

I'm sure you can find tons of recipes on the internet. Everything sounds good...sounds like your on the right track!
Love ya Lizzy poo!