Monday, May 26, 2008

Memorial Day

Hi gang! I hope you are all enjoying your long holiday weekend...doing whatever it is that you are doing! I know I am enjoying 3 days off in a row from the store...what a pleasure it has been, even though some of it is being spent playing catch up on stuff I usually put off until the last minute.

Since it is Memorial Day, I thought I'd save these pictures for today, even though I took them this past Friday. A church that Skip & I pass every day to & from work had these flags out front on their lawn & when we happened across them on Thursday, we got the chills, we were that moved by it. I wanted to make a point of getting pictures of it as best I could on Friday evening on our way home. There must be at least several thousand of these little flags, no exaggeration.

So, in honor of all Americans who gave their lives in Iraq & Afghanistan (& in other wars, too) are my pictures of the "Field of Flags."

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IndigoSunMoon said...

I was lucky. I've never lost anyone to war. I feel for those families who lost a loved one so much. They all sacrifice so much defending our country, and to lose someone in this war especially just seems like such a waste.
Love you Liz!